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Midtronics inCHARGE™--Diagnostic Fast Charger w/ Printer and cart station
inCHARGE is the first battery analyzer to fully and effectively integrate battery conductance testing and charging. With inCHARGE, batteries can be safely fast-charged and tested in 40 minutes or less. The technician simply connects the inCHARGE to the battery terminals, inputs the battery CCA rating and presses enter--inCHARGE does the rest! Using Midtronics' patented RTD(Real-Time-Diagnostics) technology, the inCHARGE continuously tests and monitors the battery during the fast charging session. This ensures that each battery will be charged as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. Midtronics' patented RTD technology Midtronics' patented RTD technology consists of a closed-loop control system that continuously conductance tests the battery during the charge cycle. Primary current, secondary current, charging current, temperature, state-of-charge and state-of-health of the battery are monitored during the charge. This real-time diagnostic evaluation is constant during the charge session and prevents excessive heat build up and gassing common with other fast charging methodologies. With a comprehensive battery testing algorithm, only two decisions are possible with inCHARGE: Good Battery - full charge (return battery to customer) or Replace Battery - battery problem detected (recommend a replacement battery for your customer). 100% decisiveness makes charging easy and effective eliminates the hassle, ineffectiveness and expense of a battery loaner program. Features Accurate - RTD control technology continuously charges and tests the battery simultaneously. Incorporating multiple testing methodologies, inCHARGE is the most accurate battery analyzer on the market today. Safe - RTD technology ensures maximum safety and efficiency. inCHARGE continuously monitors the battery's temperature, charging voltage, charging current and the state-of-charge during the charging session. This constant control eliminates the risk of damage to the battery, which is common with other fast chargers. Fast - Satisfy the customer in minutes not hours. inCHARGE with the RTD technology will safely charge a battery in the shortest amount of time possible. This 100% decisive product will produce a good and charged battery or tell you to replace the battery — in minutes not hours. Friendly - Simply connect inCHARGE to the battery terminals, input the battery CCA rating and press enter. inCHARGE does the rest while displaying Time Remaining and CCA recovery. This information is updated continuously, greatly enhancing the user's ability to satisfy the customer. Warranty Management - Another unique feature of inCHARGE is its warranty code. The warranty code is used to enforce warranty policy and ensures that employees follow proper testing procedures. inCHARGE represents a revolution in battery testing and charging. There has never been a battery management tool which matches its functionality, accuracy and ease of use. Midtronics experience and leading edge technology has placed inCHARGE on the cutting edge of technology. Specifications Model: INC-900 CT--Charger only INC-900 KIT--Includes charger, charging cart station, printer and printer bracket Warranty: Midtronics Standard one-year warranty Applications: Automotive 12-volt cranking batteries - SAE, Side and L Terminal (Lead terminal adapters may be required) - CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, SAE, DIN, IEC, EN Motorcycle & Gel Cell Operating Range: Power Requirements: 220/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase Voltage Range: 1.0--17.5 volts Display: STN LCD 2 line 16 character display Operating Temperature: Not available Interface Options: IR Receiver DB9 Serial port Housing Material: Aluminum Product Dimensions: 9" X 14" X 15" (230 mm X 355 mm X 385 mm) Product Weight: 45 lbs. / 19 kg.

Price:   $ 2,875.00


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