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Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers

Communications - Two Way Radio:


OK, you have spent the long buck on the New Lithium Polymer Batteries for your Departments critical portable radios. You use the new batteries but the results are disappointing. Look at your charger. Is it rated for Li-Polymer battery packs? If not you need to look at our Endura line of precision radio battery chargers. Technology changes, if you expect two to three times the performance of the new lightweight Lithium Polymer packs then it's time to upgrade the Chargers.

If you have OEM Motorola Chargers, Look on the bottom of the Charger for the "C" Number. It must be Version 3.4 or Higher to Handle LiPo Chemistry.





ENDURA Radio Chargers, The Last Charger you will Ever Need!

Embrace Li-Polymer Batteries. Double and Triple Your Performance

New EC Single & Six Cup Models






ENDURA Chargers, Dual & 12 Cup Models




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